In Tokyo, October is 『Geikōten』 month !

Geikoten is a cultural festival that has been held in the Yanesen area of Tokyo for 24 years.

It is a yearly event where the local residents can exhibit whatever they want to share with one another. Rather than establishing a single exhibition space, the place of exhibition is spread out everywhere within the area of YaNeSen - making a whole town into a gallery space. They can be vacant lots, inside the home of an individual, or even under the eaves along the road.


Watosha is proud to be part of the Geikoten community !

We started with a simple idea to take a new look at the shape of the city. We isolated the three neighborhoods of  Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi (the three parts of the YA-NE-SEN area of Tokyo) and we found that these shapes had a lot of things to tell us.
Share your work on FB or instagram using #machinokatachi
Bring it to the Watosha store,  and you will get a small present  !
(until 2017 .10.31)

machinokatachi - yanaka.pdf
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machinokatachi - nezu.pdf
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